Amanda Nørgaard
Model & Founder of The V
KOKOON Favourite Places

Her apartment

Amanda Nørgaard is wearing Bianca Bow Shirt

Amanda Nørgaard lives a hectic life. The 27-year-old fulltime model is also a Kundalini Yogi, Student and Teacher of the Kundalini Linage. She studies at RA MA institute of Applied Yogic Science and Technology and she’s the CO-founder and CEO of The V. The V is a movement and a platform that guides you into your highest destiny and potential by facilitating various ancient teachings and technologies, helping you to integrate and apply them into your everyday modern life. At the moment Islands in The Stream by Dolly Parton is on heavy rotations at Amanda’s apartment. Here, she lets us in on her favourite place in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Where’s your favourite place?
My favourite place is my apartment. It’s light, big and bright. I live in a courtyard in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s totally quiet in the apartment. I love the polarity of total silence and quirky neighbourhood vibes. My area reminds me of East Village in New York, where I lived for almost a decade.

Why is it your favourite place?
Because of all the love is was built with. Building and sharing a home with my love is very special and sacred to me. This is where I retreat, recharge, relax, research and rework. I love working and traveling but returning to our home, and tuck into my man’s arms is home to me.

I love to have friends and family over for dinner, and sit around our marble table, sharing food and talk all night long. The kitchen, dining room and living room is all one big room, I love being in the kitchen cooking for my friends, while they are hanging out. It makes the whole situation so much more social. We also do Game of Thrones nights, as both my boyfriend and I are huge fans.

Three things you would save in case of a fire?
My man (he would probably save me, and not the other way around), my collection of old notebooks and paintings by my brother.