Part of what makes silk so beautiful is its delicate nature. And like all delicate things, it should be handled with consideration and care. Always check the care label and follow these simple tips to make your favourite Kokoon styles last for many years to come.



You can always choose to dry clean your silk from Kokoon. But start of reading the care label, some styles are actually fine machine washing.



Silk is a delicate material. Some silks can safely be washed at a low temperature program and a minimum cycle. Always separate the colours and ideally use a washing bag for buttoned styles to avoid friction and wear. Use a detergent specifically designed for silk. And be sure to follow the dosage instructions on the label.



If you choose to hand wash your silk, always select a detergent designed especially for hand washing.

Also wash in tepid water - no warmer than your skin - and make sure the soap is properly dissolved. Gently swoosh for a few minutes and rinse well.

Never soak for a longer period and never twist or wring. This will not only damage the fibres but also the colour.

Extract the excess water by rolling it in a towel.



Avoid letting your silks dry in direct sunlight or on a radiator. Instead let the garment dry in a shady spot with lots of air. Wet silk tends to turn yellow if left in the sun or on a radiator and remember wooden hangers can discolour the garment.

Lay it flat to dry on a clean and dry towel or hang it using a padded hanger to distribute the weight of the wet garment.



Always iron your silk garments inside out at a low setting. And remember not to move the iron in a back and forth motion. This can cause the silk to stretch and lose its shape. 

Most wrinkles can actually be removed by hanging the garment in your bathroom during a hot steamy shower. The humidity will do the ironing for you.



Never stain-treat your silks. Rubbing one specific area can cause discolour. Instead take it to a dry cleaner.



Silk is a natural material and therefore affected by the weather. Cold and dry weather can leave your silk static and clingy. An anti-static vaporizer is all it takes. Most dry cleansers sell this remedy and the spray is effective until next wash or dry clean.


More questions? Feel free to contact us and we'll be of assistance.

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