A shop for the discerning and quality-conscious customer looking for a modern yet classic selection. Besides Kokoon, we also offer an exclusive selection of pieces from AF Agger, handmade scent candles from Swedish Amoln, one-of-a-kind crystal bead bracelets by Important Objects and the organic and vegan Danish skincare regime Biyó made from 100% natural materials.


Like Kokoon, AF Agger is designed to last - creating sustainable products of lasting quality and style. The Danish brand is designed by Kathrine Agger, who wanted to create a line as an alternative to fast-paced consumerism after twenty years of working in the fashion industry. AF Agger produces quality garments meaning that you need less of them. Expect meticulous craftsmanship, the perfection of cuts, the finest materials and handmade by the best artisans.

When the founders of L.A., Anne Strandfelt and Lizet Hee Olesen, aren’t busy designing visual identities, creative concepts, and an annual magazine, they design aesthetic pieces under the name Important Objects. At the Kokoon store, you’ll find a curated selection of their beautiful one-of-a-kind crystal bead bracelets.

Biyó is the name of the Danish skincare regime born out of a desire to create an easy-going skincare brand. It’s organic and vegan and like Kokoon made from 100% natural materials. The full line is available at the Kokoon store - all naturally and subtly scented, presented in 100% recycled packaging and produced in Europe.

Active Oil Blend Serum - A powerful anti-age serum with organic oils and extracts to instantly comfort and regenerate the lipid barrier. Price 370 DKK.

Rich Face Cream Calming - Soothing, fast-absorbing face cream enriched with organic butters and fruit extracts to restore the skin barrier. Suitable as day or night cream. Price 390 DKK.

Clouberry Hand & Body Wash - A natural and vegan formula enriched with organic botanicals for gentle and refreshing hand and body wash. Price 225 DKK.

Gentle Gel Wash Purifying - Silky gel face wash that dissolves make-up and impurities without causing dryness and leaving the skin fresh and purified. 290 DKK.

Solar Salt Scented Candle - Hand-poured and ecological scented, 100% soy wax candle of natural essential oils and ecological fragrance of plant origin. Notes: Sea salt and sage. Price 285 DKK.

‘Moln’ is the Swedish word for cloud. The mythological and natural wonders of clouds inspire the Swedish perfumery brand Amoln to create their signature monochromatic matte blue candles. Amoln candles are soulfully and crafted to emulate clouds and handmade in Sweden with the finest natural materials and fragrances from France. A curated selection of five different scents are available at the Kokoon store.