For more than a decade, the ethos of Kokoon has been to create enduring silk pieces with timeless style, quality, and fit. The fashion industry is characterized by a constant pursuit of ‘newness’ - we instead design timeless silk pieces transcending seasons and trends.

In a world of fast fashion, we believe it’s time to slow down. That’s why we decided to stop designing four seasonal collections focusing mainly on news. Instead, we design drops when we feel like it - celebrating the Kokoon favourites, that over the years, we have come to know work and occasionally present a newcomer.

We aim for mindful consumption: encouraging you to invest in fewer pieces of the highest quality to ensure longevity. And we want to empower you to make more sustainable choices and build a long-lasting wardrobe. We believe that is sustainability.

At Kokoon, we want to create products that are good for people and our planet. Our approach, materials and products are constantly evolving as we evaluate our strategy on social responsibility. Conclusively, we continue to test the latest sustainably sourced and alternatively produced materials while never compromising the supreme quality of Kokoon.

Having too much stock is a big problem in the fashion industry. That’s why Kokoon prioritizes resource efficiency and minimal waste by producing small collections and limited quantities, purchasing exact materials and only what is needed.

Most silks are produced in China – so is the one we use. China is also the place of our manufacturers, thereby reducing the transport and additional environmental strain. Yearlong and close, continuous partnerships with the same silk experts guarantee minimal errors, thereby reducing resources and waste.

Silk is a natural material - a protein fibre produced by silkworms. Silk is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and is considered one of the more sustainable fibres.

All our silk fabrics are dyed and printed with environmentally protection dyes, and the fabric mills we use have the certification of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

It’s a common misconception that silk should only be dry-cleaned. On the contrary, most styles are hand washable at a low temperature. But as silk is a natural fibre airing your garment will get you a long way. So why not entirely skip a wash once in a while? Still, remember to check the care label. Some styles like blazers need to be dry cleaned to maintain and secure their tailoring.

Visit our Care section to learn more about caring for your clothes to ensure it lives a long life in your wardrobe.

Remember your clothes is a long-term investment – for both you and the environment.