Donna Shire

Graphic designer

KOKOON Favourite Places

Her backyard

Donna Shire is wearing Gun Kimono

When Donna Shire isn’t running the studio of husband and artist Peter Shire, the graphic designer finds tranquillity at her home in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The house was built in the 1950s by Peter’s father, Henry Shire, and designed by architect Josef Van der Kar. Here, she lets us in on her favourite place at her home in Los Angeles.


Where’s your favourite place?
The back yard at our house in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Why is this your favourite place?
It’s small and at the crest of the hill. Private despite the fact that we’re in the centre of a huge metropolis. Eucalyptuses, pines and sycamores scale the sky and the branches bend to the late gentle afternoon marine wind that chatter the leaves. Every part of the day is peaceful and calm. And the minutes before dusk it's just heavenly.

When did you experience the place for the first time?
Peter invited me to this home, his parents’ home, to toss an omelette. I was impressed. It was also the last time he tossed me an omelette. Just kidding, he tossed me another 15 years ago.

Things you usually do when you're there?
It may sound corny, but I relax and enjoy the touch of nature. Breathe deeply, listen to the wind pushing the branches and leaves.

Is it a place you like to visit by yourself or with someone?
It's a place to be alone, and also share with Peter and another four.