Edith Caldwell

Art gallerist

KOKOON Favourite Places


Edith is wearing Otis Blazer and Debbie Pants


Edith Caldwell grew up around beautiful things in a large multi-generational family in Nashville, Tennessee. She would take off after breakfast to meander, climb trees and would often walk about a quarter mile away to visit two ladies who had a small antique store. Edith loved the coziness of the shop and they would tell her stories about their unique inventory. Just 18 years old, her first full-time job was working in her, to-this-day, favourite antique store. She has been selling wondrous things ever since.

Photography: Julie Pointer Adams


Where’s your favourite place?
I love Japan.

Why is this your favourite place?
As I walk off the plane, I literally give myself over to the country. I absolutely believe that the kindness, honesty and graciousness of the Japanese people will prevail, and I shall be safe and cared for while I am there.

When and how did you experience the place for the first time?
I am a Zen Buddhist and have spent time in monasteries there, but I have also hiked alone for hundreds of miles, totally relying on their hospitality, which is even more astounding because I only know a few words in Japanese.

Things you usually do when you're there?
I focus on their exquisite sense of detail in design, especially in architecture and the landscape, but also the respect they extend to each other and to me.

Is it a place you like to visit by yourself or with someone?
By myself.

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