Frederikke-Agnete Svarre
Photographer & Documentary director
KOKOON Favourite Places

The Danish National Art Library - Copenhagen

Frederikke-Agnete Svarre is wearing Juno Dress - Black

As a photographer and documentary director, 24-year-old Frederikke-Agnete Svarre always thinks in pictures. Graduated from Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography, Agnete visits the The Danish National Art Library in Copenhagen to heal and explore.

Where’s your favourite place?
The Danish National Art Library, Copenhagen

Why is this your favourite place?
It feels like going to a temple - a holy place and a place of great knowledge. Here people come in silence to complement, what they already think they know. I’m able to completely lose track of time and space. Sometimes it’s an intuitive journey finding books. At other times one book leads me to the next.

As a photographer and documentary director, my vision is an extension of my mind - therefore everything I read is processed into potential future images. I love being told a good story. A library is a truth holder, because it lets you discuss your own truth through every single book you digest. An Egyptian library, from the time of Ramses II, has an inscription over the entrance saying; “healing-place for the soul”. I visit the library to heal, to explore and rediscover all, I already know.

When did you experience the place for the first time?
I remember, when I was younger, I used to go to the public library after school and weekly take out Danish short films and art books. Actually, it’s difficult to find a good library. So, I had books send from different libraries to just that one. Then one day, I was told about The Danish National Art Library and realized that this was in fact the place all the books were send from.

Things you usually do when you’re there?
It’s actually not always about reading. It’s more about a journey I go on. I tend to let my eyes wander the shelves in the hopes of being inspired. But also, I tend to just people-watch. A lot of different people come to the library, and I could fall in love and feel disgusted by someone all in the span of an hour. I find it a little funny sometimes, to feel like an anthropologist trying to guess what kind of books people are going to read. I like making up stories in my head about people, I don’t know.

Is it a place you like to visit by yourself or with someone?
By myself - I like ‘hunting’ alone.