Josephine Mai
Hair stylist
KOKOON Favourite Places

Valkendorfsgade - copenhagen

Josephine Mai is wearing Harpers Blazer and Cecco Long Pants

When she’s not backstage at Paris Fashion week doing hair for clients like Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, the 31-year-old hair stylist Josephine Mai visits her local coffee shop in the heart of Copenhagen a stone's throw from her favourite place.

Where’s your favourite place?
I visit my favourite place daily. Actually, it’s there, when I open my front door. It’s the street I live on. Valkendorfsgade. My street.

Why is this your favourite place?
One of the reasons I really love this street is that it’s one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen. Originally build in the 18th century. Listed by the government. The buildings are packed with history and charm! Also, you’ll find the flagship stores of two of the best furniture shops in town, Paustian and Fritz Hansen, on this street. I visit often and look at the beautiful and timeless designs, they both carry. Denmark is known for its great furniture design and with good reason. 

I moved to Valkendorfsgade three years ago. I have never lived on a street with next to no cars passing by. I found that it makes a huge difference not to always hear and breath traffic. Now if anything is sabotaging my beauty sleep, it’s drunk people having fun. That’s kind of easier to live with. Most of the time anyway. 

Things you usually do when you’re there?
I usually go to the coffee shop just around the corner, Tak for kaffe. It’s small and local even though it’s just one street away from the high street. They make the best coffee!