Emilie Guldbrandsen
KOKOON Portraits # 4


As a kid, Emilie Guldbrandsen used to draw her own paper dolls and dress them up. And every time she got a new pair of sandals she would sleep in them for an entire week. To this day she gets high from putting on clothes that make you feel great, and it's this sentiment she aims for in her work: to pass on that feeling to others.

What turning points have helped define who you are today?

On a professional level I would say Rasmus Skousen (Photographer and Creative Director, Cover Magazine). One thing I learned from him is how to approach the female model in fashion. To see this cool girl and understand that her flaws are the key to her character and they make her perfect in her own way. I recently read an interview with Mario Testino who is driven by perfection, always aiming for his model to look flawless. I don't like that. And Rasmus taught me this. On a personal note, my girlfriend is the one who really made me believe in myself. What an amazing feeling. 

How is work for you on a daily basis?

What drives me in my work is contributing to making beautiful images and pushing the boundaries of the notion of beauty. I am lucky to be working with loads of talented people. One of the challenges is to persuade big commercial clients to define themselves in new ways and make them understand the impact they have and how to be responsible about it. 

What is important to you?

Love. Love. Love. It is funny how getting older makes me appreciate good health, good food, friends, family and love. That really is what's important to me. We all need to start caring more about each other, and not just about ourselves. And be tolerant. One of the things that makes me really proud to be in the fashion industry is how the meaning of normal is constantly pushed. We still have a really long way to go, but I feel the industry is slowly moving in the right direction. Also, world peace, please.

When are your limits challenged?   

When I meet ignorance and arrogance and when someone is not giving their very best. 

Have you met a person who made you see things differently?

My girlfriend. She challenges me and my perspective every single day.

What annoys you?

Laziness and when someone takes things for granted.  

Do you cry easily?

In my personal life, yes. A puppy, a movie, a compliment, I am very easily driven to tears. In work relations, no. In this industry you have to put on your iron vest and work hard. And not take things too personal. 

 What does it mean to love?

Love, for me, is the foundation of life. 




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