Josephine Philip
KOKOON Portraits # 2

Josephine Philip was fourteen when she reluctantly discovered she could sing. Her guitar teacher asked her to sing while practicing and was surprised to hear her voice. It felt as though she had been carrying a gift, or rather a potential that was unlocked and set free. The only downside to that revelation was that today she is no Jack White with a guitar but proficient enough to compose songs and play by the campfire.

How is work for you on a daily basis?

When I work with my band Darkness Falls I work from my studio in Copenhagen, writing and recording music. Making music is what drives me on a daily basis. The highlight is the bike ride to the studio on Islands Brygge, crossing the bike bridge and riding alongside the water. My biggest challenge every day is to live up to my own expectations. I constantly disappoint myself.

What turning points have helped define who you are today?

Travelling. Singing. Motherhood.

What is important to you?

My family and friends. Having time to breathe.

Have you met a person who made you see things differently?

Many. Some have touched my hand. Many have touched my mind. I watched 20.000 Days On Earth about Nick Cave’s vision and that was a transformative experience. It made me look at the potential of music in a new light. Ina Lindgreen, my partner in crime in Darkness Falls, continuously makes me look at things from a different perspective, which is very healthy and sometimes difficult. My boyfriend Jesper Elg, who runs a gallery, always challenges my perspective – equally necessary and annoying. My daughter Jolene makes me curious about things I thought I already knew and is a source of constant wonder.

What annoys you?

When people think short term and not long term.

What does it mean to love?





Dinner at a friends houseThe Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech


Vacation time with the family at Riad Baoussala in EssaouiraLive session from our last tour in Europe at Tide Radio in Hamburg


Taking a break in my studioHanging out in my living room with favorite paintings by Søren Behncke and Eddie Martinez