Carla Cammilla Hjort
Creative Entrepreneur
KOKOON Portraits # 7


Growing up in Copenhagen, Carla Cammilla Hjort spent most of her time at her mother’s dance studio. Watching her mother live out her biggest dream was inspiring and empowering to Carla, who was drawn to the creative community her mother had created around herself as well as its vibe. It made Carla pursue the things she’s passionate about, from founding and running her creative platform ArtRebels and her creative studio Rebel Agency to her new design collaboration, the Space10 innovation lab located in Kødbyen, Copenhagen.


What turning points have helped define who you are today?

In many ways the early period of my life defined some of the qualities and values that have dominated my life choices. My dreams turned out also to be related to building creative communities, unfolding and supporting new talents and empowering those around me to do what they love. I feel fortunate to have created companies that turned out to be successful on these terms.


How is work for you on a daily basis? 

Basically every day is a new day and working on many different projects at the same time makes it a very diverse schedule. However, most of my days will consist of a mix of meetings and updates, e-mails, brainstorming sessions, giving feedback to my colleagues, designing new projects and most importantly making sure that my team is happy and on track. I also travel more and more with my work, which gives me an opportunity to meet and collaborate with a lot of amazing people from around the world. 


What is important to you?

My love, friends, family and freedom – and of course good health! I really believe that the good life is about being true to yourself and always approaching life with a curious and open mind. I also find that remembering to be thankful and humble helps me to stay focused in terms of the things that really matter in life. We seem to be living in a world dominated and steered by fear and consumption and it makes me afraid of what kind of global community we are creating. My hope is that we can come together in order to start a movement towards a more sustainable and meaningful way of living and being together. We need to have a meaningful people- and planet-strategy if we want to see a bright future and we need a lot of action, love and innovation if we are to succeed.


When are your limits challenged? 

My limits are challenged when something is unfair or someone wants to tell me how to live my life or run my business. I was never good with limitations.


Have you met a person who made you see things differently?

Actually I think that I have met a lot of people throughout my life who have influenced my thinking. I love to be challenged and I’ve always had a huge appreciation for philosophy, psychology and any kind of human and nature-related studies that can help me understand the bigger picture and see patterns where most people see chaos. I am a sucker for contemplating, debating and reflecting.


What annoys you?

Good question. It annoys me that politics, money and power are still running the world. It annoys me when people are lazy, ignorant or indifferent. It annoys me that I haven't stopped smoking yet. Just to mention a few.  


Do you cry easily? 

I actually don't, but I sometimes wish that I did. I actually love to cry but I was also raised by a father who thought crying was a sign of weakness, which seems to have influenced me. Rather than cry I often become quiet when I’m sad or hurt, at least until I find myself sobbing and letting it all go. A good cry can be very cleansing for mind, body and soul. 


What does your gender mean to you? 

I love to be a woman in every way! 




My office and second home designed by Spacon & XAt a wedding in Spain with my girlfriend Emilie Guldbrandsen

Favorite LA store Other WildDesigning for a better living - featured in the lifestyle magazine HypebeastA corner of our home in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Relaxing moment with cards, drinks and hatsThe Grow Room - our artistic take on the future of food producing architecture for CHART ART FAIR

My favourite pose as a babyHaving a party with friends at Trailerpark FestivalA James Dean moment in Tulum last Christmas

Our wonderful summer cabin Jambo on the day the wisteria blossomedClouded futures - A Space10 project about the future of virtual reality