Sascha Oda


KOKOON Portraits # 5

Sascha used to photograph her friends in high school. She found them to be beautiful and inspiring and taking pictures of them just seemed like the right thing to do. As she was searching for ways to bring out their character, she started playing with lighting, shadows and their angles, and this intuitive approach became the foundation for Sasha’s career as a photographer.


What turning points have helped define who you are today?

Becoming a mother has motivated me to discover more about myself and my values in life.


How is work for you on a daily basis?

My work is about portraying people, creating a universe and communicating visually. There are three stages in this process: before the shoot, the actual shoot and after the shoot. All three are important parts of the creative process. First you lay out a direction, an expression and a framing, then you strive to execute it and in the end you give it a final brushstroke in the retouching process. With the camera in my hand I am in another world and I try to document this world through my lens.


What is important to you?

My family and friends.


Have you met a person who made you see things differently?

My boyfriend Silas makes me look at things differently. He makes me aim higher in everything I do.


What annoys you?

That the days are too short and the fact that I cannot be in two places at the same time.


Do you cry easily?

In my private life I cry very easily. It can be rather annoying yet also redeeming.


What does it mean to love? 

Everything. To experience love is fundamental and the driving force in everything I do.




My son Balder in Milan, waiting for the driver to go to the airport to return to Cph.One of my favorit art piece in my home by Anika Lori.On our way to dinner with friends on a rainy Sunday.

”Parrhesia” by Franz West at Louisiana.Our cat Måns napping in my hands.”Gertrud” by me.

Travelling kit.Shooting in Milan in July ’16.Just love green plants in my home, and just got this banana palm in our dining room. I call it green therapy.

Bringing my boys for a week of shoot in Milan during the summer. And here we are visiting Fondazione Prada before work.Fondazione Prada.Måns is napping on my proofprint for a story for DANSK magazine.